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The EEOC was formed by the federal government
to prevent workplace discrimination based on age, disability, equal compensation, genetics, national origin, pregnancy, race, religion, retaliation, sex or sexual harassment. Filing EEOC reports is federally mandated, and most US companies qualify and are subject to these requirements - but many are unaware.
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Companies and their HR departments should be constantly educated and vigorously protected against the employee discrimination lawsuits that may result from simple everyday office interactions. At Shield, we are here to protect and educate you and your company.
Regardless of the end result of a claim, complaint or lawsuit, the costs of these EEOC related issues for businesses is exorbitant. Maintaining complete EEOC compliance is the best practice and surest protection against these potential burdens.
Claims are costly. It's a painful truth. Be vigilant about your EEOC compliance, and lower your risk substantially!
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