When dealing with employment positions that have specific considerations for the successful fulfillment of that job, it is important to partner with a company that understands what each industry requires in a well-qualified individual. Shield Screening has researched these verticals and has created a suite of products specifically designed to ensure that your applicants are properly vetted. Let us show you how our products and services can streamline your screening process.



This service allows recruiters to submit a report request directly to the applicant for completion. Upon logging in, the recruiter enters a valid email address for the applicant and submits the request. The applicant then receives an email notifying them of the request and follows a secure link to complete their information for the report request.


Run your applicants social security number to find out where they have lived and then have the ability to choose where you would like to search. We believe that the more we can customize your experience with our company the more efficient and cost effective we can make the process for you.


In order to match our turnaround times, many background screening companies will decrease the amount of data considered when matching potential records, and will push through instant results that are matched ONLY to the applicants first name, last name and date of birth. This often leads to a number of “false positive” hits on your applicant’s reports – a potential liability risk. Shield Screening is able to maintain these turnaround times while still offering a manual review of all non-negative reports. When a report is returned with potential negative data, it is automatically moved to a review queue where a trained, experienced verifier reviews the report for any additional identifiers on the record (middle names, aliases, address history, etc.). All non-positive results are removed from the report and only those records constituting a “best possible match” are included for your review. By removing these “false positive” records, we help you ensure that you make hiring decisions based on the best quality data available, and retain the qualified individuals that apply for your positions.


While some products and services require a more extensive review of data to complete, many of our products and services offer instant or near-instant turnaround times. Many of our county criminal searches are available via integrations built with the jurisdiction’s databases, so turnaround times are reduced by up to 300%. Additionally, special integrations built with drug screening providers allow negative results to be returned to your organization within twenty minutes of the applicant’s test. Only those tests with potential hits are sent to our MRO for review.


Shield Screening provides a monthly monitoring service that actively screens individuals for post-hire criminal records. A service that can be set up on a monthly or quarterly basis, the criminal monitoring service queries the applicant’s history on a national and local level, then reports any newly established criminal proceedings.


As with our criminal monitoring services, the Motor Vehicle / Fleet Monitoring Service offers employers or staffing agents to maintain an overview of their applicants by querying their driving records on a monthly or quarterly basis. These reports are provided to the employer to ensure that any individuals with post-hire revocations are compliant with the employer’s standards and practices for these incidents.


This search takes the social security number of your applicant and verifies that the social matches to the applicant’s name and date of birth. Also provides the date and state of issuance, reports all addresses that have been associated with that SSN and whether the number appears on the death index registry.

Designed to allow employers access to credit information on potential candidates, the Employee Credit Report allows employers to evaluate an applicant's financial history to determine their ability to manage fiduciary responsibilities.

This search queries your applicant’s driver’s license number through the state DMV repository to ensure that the driver’s license is valid and current. Includes the date of issuance, status, restrictions, and a full history of reportable infractions and suspensions.

This search takes your applicant’s name and date of birth, and then queries this information through an automated repository of criminal and sex offender records that have been submitted by courts nationwide. This search includes criminal felony and misdemeanor cases and, where available, major traffic citations. Our database is the largest in the industry and includes county level research on previously run applicants from across the country.

This search automatically pulls all jurisdictions or counties that are associated with your applicant’s social security number. Then our system will automatically pull full county level searches including Felony and Misdemeanor records and where available major traffic citations classified as misdemeanor or above, civil records and protective orders. As listed above in states where all counties are available through the same repository, all counties will be searched when one is selected. This search also allows for you to fully customize your search in terms of how many counties you would like to search and how far back in terms of years you would like to look. Please note that some states list crimes going back as far as the early 1900’s. In states where it is compliant you may search back as far as is possible.


The Statewide Criminal Search is a database search that provides criminal information for a selected state. Pulled from the same databases as the National Criminal Search, the Statewide provides for a more focused view of the applicant.

This search queries your applicant’s name, date of birth, and, where available, social security number for criminal history at the county level. Includes all felony and misdemeanor records and, where available, major traffic citations classified as misdemeanor or above, civil records and protective orders. In states where all counties are available through the same repository, all counties will be searched when one is selected. We believe that you should have all the data that is available to you.


Shield offers a wide range of drug and alcohol testing services, which report back through our system, giving you a seamless process from beginning to end. From the highly regulated DOT (Department of Transportation) level drug tests to the in-office instant test variety. We will work with you to make sure you get the best test at the best price while remaining compliant with all the requirements of your field.


A FACIS® (Fraud Abuse Control Information System) Level 3 search identifies any wrong actions of individuals and entities in the health care field. This search includes information on disciplinary actions ranging from exclusions and debarments to letters of reprimand and probation. Our FACIS search offers information on federal requirements and includes more than 800 sources in 50 states. First we search the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) and General Services Administration (GSA) and other federal sources. This search meets the government’s minimum requirements as outlined in the OIG’s Compliance Program Guidance. Next we search other federal sources, in addition to sources from an individual state of your choice. This search meets the minimum federal requirements and provides limited state-licensure protection. Finally we search over 800 sources from all 50 states. While this search exceeds minimum federal requirements, it offers full coverage for a high-level risk management policy.


This search verifies that your applicant’s previous employment history was reported correctly. Includes the dates of employment, position held, rehire status and, where available, salary.


This search verifies that your applicant’s education experience was reported accurately to you. Includes the dates of graduation, area of study, additional areas of study, where available, and degree obtained.


The Personal Reference check is a manual validation of an applicant's personality. Utilizing a series of questions designed to obtain the most conclusive view of the applicant's character, the Personal Reference check ensures that your applicant is appropriately personable for your company

The Professional Licensure verification is a manual validation of certifications and credentials. Utilizing hundreds of databases and organizations, the Professional Licensure verification ensures that your applicant is properly licensed and certified to hold a position within your company. This search is especially useful for those working in the medical field.

The I9 Verification is a government based verification of an applicant's ability to work within the United States. Required for any applicant holding a government contract or sub-contract, the I9 Search utilizes the applicant's social security number to ensure validity of the number and their status as a US Citizen.

The Evictions Records search is a national search of county-level eviction records and property filings. Designed to complement the credit report for a tenant screening, the Eviction Records search ensures that your applicant has a healthy and positive rental history.

This search queries your applicant’s name and date of birth of workers’ compensation records for a selected state. Includes all available, reportable information, including filings, settlements, compensation, and representation. Not available in every state.


The Tenant Credit Report provides a full listing of the applicant's history and financial responsibility. Tailored for residential screening, the Tenant Credit Report provides property managers a better understanding of the creditworthiness of the individual.

The Office of Inspector General (OIG) search is a manual verification of the OIG sanctions list. Utilized by organizations employing applicants in the medical field, this search ensures that your applicant has not been sanctioned by the government and is qualified to participate in national medical programs.

Shield will consult with you to create a customized scoring model for your property. Our Tenant Shield scoring model will instantly give you a rental decision that you can trust by comparing dozens of different pieces of a renters public and credit data. Choose from the following types of data to create your Tenant Shield Scoring Model today.

This search confirms the validity and status of a license or certification of your candidate. This will help you discover the following:
If your candidate has been licensed
If restrictions or violations have occurred
Whether the license is in good standing, has expired or has been revoked
The following information is included in this verification:
License/membership type and current status
License number
Date issued
Expiration date
Disciplinary actions and restrictions