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For 11 years, ClearCompany has been providing SaaS-based Talent Management solutions to small and medium-sized businesses. From unparalleled customization to best-in-class reporting, their Applicant Tracking, Onboarding and Performance Management solutions work together to save time and increase efficiency. 
Shield Screening is perfectly integrated into
ClearCompany Applicant Tracking and Onboarding. Our partnership allows for one-click deployment of background checks, and painless results tracking.


Stop fighting clunky outdated software and paper forms - From automated posting, screening and grading, building targeted talent communities, compliance reporting and much more, ClearCompany gives you everything you need to drive your talent agenda while compromising nothing.
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Dramatically improve new hire readiness and reduce administrative overhead with ClearCompany's employee onboarding software. ClearCompany enables you to easily roll out, automate and manage every critical aspect of bringing a new hire on board and up-to-speed.
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ClearCompany makes it easy to automate your annual reviews and 360s, but it can also do so much more. Their patent-pending software is the only system in the world capable of placing each employee's performance in strategic context, helping executives and managers to allocate their best people where their skills and talent are needed most.
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ClearCompany never outsources their support services. With an annual client renewal rate of 99% and a decade of exceptional growth, they're experts at implementing their products at a wide variety of workplaces and business settings.
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